How to wear stripes - part 1

Raitakuosin ilmestyminen kauppoihin on yhtä varma kevään merkki kuin jääpuikkojen ilmestyminen räystäisiin plussaa hipovien päivien ja pakkaselle kääntyvien öiden myötä. Minulta löytyy raitakuosia vaatekaapista vain muutaman vaatekappaleen verran. Viime keväänä silmäilin raitajakkuja sillä silmällä, mutta vielä en uskaltautunut edes sovittamaan. Tänä keväänä taidan rohkaistua..

Katso part 2 Twitteristä!

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You know it's spring when you can spot striped knits, tops and blazers from stores. I don't own too many striped clothes (my ex-boyfriend hated stripes on me), but I have been dreaming about striped blazer. Maybe this spring I will get one..

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  1. Hello!
    I like the striped trend, too! I have a pair of jeans with vertical stripes, grey and black, about 2 cm thick. But I always am in trouble when I match them with others: I only wear them with black t-shirts. What would you suggest? They are rather on the sporty-side, not so elegant...
    All the best,

  2. oq: Well I think the easiest way to go is to pair them with relaxed t-shirts (grey, black, white, printed) and you could break the sportyness by adding a black blazer or even somekind of vest with the t-shirt.

    Other option is to put white button up blouse (cotton or chiffon) or grey tricot sweater and then add cropped leather jacket!

    If those jeans are skinny jeans, I would pair them with over the knee boots and cute knitted sweater of any color. I hope this helps! xo

  3. wow! very nice ideas, thank you! :)


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