Ja Rachel Zoe sarja jatkuu. Lähteenä stylisti Rachelin kirja Style A to Zoe. Tällä kertaa tulee Rachelin elämän aakkosia pariin postaukseen jaettuna. Rachelin tyylivinkkejä löytyy tästä postauksesta ja kirja-arvostelu löytyy täältä.


accessories are central to conveying not only of glamour, but the feeling of it. Sunglasses, jewelry, purse, and shoes and any other elements you may throw on (a belt? hat? gloves?) that let you stand apart from the rest. This one indulgence that isn't bad for your health!


be unapologetic. Glamour is not a discipline for the meek or modest. It should be enthusiastically embraced. Chin held high, never explain or defend it. It's who you are, after all, and you should never apologize for being your true self.


chill champagne, either on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for a few hours or by placing it in a bucket filled with ice and water for about twenty minutes. If you need it now, toss salt into the bucket. This lowers the temperature below zero. Pour at 43 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Never stash it in the freezer; it will affect the alcohol and flavour balance - and your celebration.


dance like it's your last night on earth. In a club with dozens of darling friendly strangers or at home with strange darling friend, you can get lost in the music and forget all your troubles. Exhausted? Do a little disco and be reborn. You'll be on such a high that you woun't feel the pain from the high heels till the morning after. I love to dance! D is also for dressing up - always. Every day is another day and another reason for looking fabulous.


editing is an ongoing process. Rework a look. Revise your closet or cabinets. Reassamble a room. Don't dress or decorate something for the sake of a trend. If it doesn't inspire you anymore, toss it out. If your gut says it's too much, it most likely is. As a writer friend of mine says, "When in doubt, cut it out."


first-class is the way to go. But if you can't acyually fork over the funds for front-cabin placement, at least make your journey feel like first-class. Snuggle up in that cashmere wrap you brought along. Have the iPod fully loaded. Create the means for first-class treatment in whatever you do, even if it's just a frame of mind.


good deeds and gracious orientation are glamorous. Treating everyone with kindness and a smile doesn't require a lot of effort, yet can make all the difference in a person's harried day. G is also for gutsy. Dare to take chances, even if it's just baby steps at first. The feeling is liberating - and a buzz.


halston is the patron saint of glamour. First as a milliner, the Iowa-born designer created the billbox hats that crowned first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. But he streamlined his designs (and his personal style) into well-tailored, simple, sleek, und utterly glamorous aesthetic that defined the 1970s - and modern fashion forever after. He's Studio 54. He's sexy chic. He's American Style. Halston left this earth at age fifty-eight in 1990. His spirit and impact continue. Look him up. I collect him like crazy. So having a creative role with this legendary brand is as if I'd died and gone to heaven. And as a stylist, I work by his credo: "You're only as good as the people you dress."


iconic clothes, furniture, and other pieces are always good investments. If it means waiting a little to save up and score, then it's worth it. It's better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk. At times of acquisition, remind yourseld that less is indeed more.

Seuraava sarja Rachelin aakkosista tullee ensi viikolla. Kertokaahan, jos tarvitsette käännöstä!

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