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Lukijoiden pyynnöstä ajattelin nyt tehdä postauksen, jossa on poimintoja stylisti Rachel Zoen kirjasta (Style A to ZOE). Kirjoittelen vinkit englanniksi, mutta jos tarvitsette suomennosta, kertokaa ihmeessä! Haluan korostaa, että nämä ovat suoria tai hieman editoituja lainauksia kirjasta, eivät välttämättä omia ajatuksiani!

five glamour essentiels under $50:

1. Red lipstick

2. Black eyliner (always with mascara!)

3. Great heels - the higher the better

4. Faux fur shrug - even second-hand

5. Metallic clutch


TOP 10 tips:

1. There is nothing fun, interesting, or glamorous in playing it subtle. Don't be afraid of statement pieces. When it comes to styling my clients or myself, I always aim for something that elicits a "Wow".

2. Collect pieces that excite you, even if it's just because of the dreamy way they make you feel at the momen when you slip them on. It's good to have few things in our life thet are slightly lavish, even decadent.

3. Like a good bartender, have at the ready these go-to glam elements for the perfect coctail (look) - in advance of a party, any party: 1) Classic black dress. 2) Nude or black patent pumps. 3) Great gold cuff or bracelet. 4) Perfect red lipstick. 5) Fishnets and black tights. 6) An all-season wrap or shrug.

4. To be your own stylist, strive to become a smart shopper. In the long run, it's going to save you money and streamline your closet. The aim is to love everything you own. Buy something because you love it, you need it, and you will use it. Begin by researching the market. This means shopping without actually buying anything.

5. Too much of anything is too much. Too much dress can distract from even the most beautiful face. Too much hair and makeup can age a woman. Too many visible designer logos cheapen your look.


6. Day-off essentials: 1) A great fitting pair of jeans (preferably dark wash). 2) A roomy jersey or cashmere constructed top. 3) A wrap or shift dress in cotton, jersey, or another knit. 4) A tote, hobo, or some other roomy bag. 5) Nude or bare lip gloss. 6) Rosy cheek tint. 7) An all-season wrap or cardigan. 8) A head scarf. 9) Sunglasses. 10) Glam-on-the-go footwear.

7. My idea of "natural beauty" is one best appreciated via the prism of 1970s style: a smoky eye, a mess of long, highlighted hair, an all-over deep tan, and lips glossy with a hint of gold. But my rule is this: if you don't look kissable, then scrub it off and start over.

8. No matter where I look inside my home, I like what I see. This didn't just happen. This requires some research and patience to put it all together. Take out the camera and snap views of a room or corner. Study the images. In essence, creating your environment isn't unlike creating a wardrobe.

9. I've always held the opinion that any reason to dress up is absolutely reasonable. Even if it's just getting together with old friends for pizza and gossip, there's no reason to show up to be the host looking like you're going to clean out the garage.

10. Broaches are the best form of alteration. They are a kiss of sparkle that can punctuate almost any look. I love a broach at the hip or waist, especially when the dress is simple. Attach it at the knot of a bow, or at the bust, or on a lapel.


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  1. Ooh, näitä saa julkaista lisääkin!:)

    "Too many visible designer logos cheapen your look." - OIKEIN!<3

  2. Olipa mielenkiintoinen postaus. Tosi kiva! :)

  3. MouMou: Heh:D No katsotaan, jos joskus vielä jotain tulisi;)

    Juu... tuo on kyllä totta samoin kuin se liian meikin vanhentava efekti suurinpiirtein 25 vuoden rajapyykin jälkeen.

    Christina: Hienoa, että jotain irti sait:) Tämä kirja oli kyllä ihan mielenkiintoinen verhon raotus julkkisstylistin ajatusmaailmaan!

  4. Oi, ihana postaus! Minä kun vielä opettelen näitä tyylin saloja niin tuossapa pari vinkkiä tälle aloittelijalle! :D

    Kiitos! :)

  5. Lare: Voi kuinka kiva, että tykkäsit:D

    Minä ainakin allekirjoitan täysin tuon, että osta vain niitä vaatteita/asusteita/esineitä joihin rakastut:) Siinä ei voi mennä vikaan!


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